About Us


Certificate Exchange is the leading certificate of insurance program. The breath of its functionality encompasses features for large, complicated, multi-billion dollar companies and its ease of use expedites issuance for all size firms and industries.

The Web site was launched in 1999, immediately gained wide acceptance and continues to grow. The key to our success and continued growth is our patented process to prevent generation of unauthorized certificates.

The program is used by:

  • Agents and Brokers
  • With added governance, Insureds
  • With further added governance, Certholders

Agents and Brokers state the program expedites processing and reduces overhead. Insureds and Certholders state that they benefit from using the program because certs are immediate, 24/7 and the program is very easy to use.

Governance Features for Insureds and Certholders

  • Agents and Brokers can select parameters that require approval of the certificate. The Approvers, which can be Agents, Brokers, Underwriters or the Risk Management staff review the certificate, makes changes if necessary and approves (or rejects) the certificate.
  • Should the options provided by the Agent or Broker not be sufficient for a particular circumstance the Insured may enter a message sent to an Approver for approval or rejection.
  • Only lines of business and insurance options selected by the Agents and Brokers display during the issuance process. For example, if a policy did not have automatic Additional Insured wording, the Additional Insured option does not display and cannot be selected.
  • Predetermined insurance text may be added to a certificate and cannot be changed.
  • Thousands of insurance clauses like additional insured and waiver cannot be entered in the Description of Operations and Certholder name and address.

Cost Saving Features

  • Insureds and occasionally Certholders create certificates.
    • Eliminates Agent and Broker work effort.
    • Eliminates Insured and Certholder monitoring and follow-up.
  • Renewal Counts are reduced due to:
    • Insureds online access to a renewal list to indicate renew or not-renew.
    • Spreadsheets can be sent to the Insured and then imported into the system to indicate certs to renew or not-renew.
    • Programs to identify duplicates certificates.
    • Feature to identify original creation date to eliminate older certholders.
  • Email and fax distribution on new certs.
  • Email and fax distribution on renewal certs.
  • Automatic distribution of individual certs or quarterly reports to underwriters.
  • Automatic distribution of individual certs or quarterly reports to clients.
  • There are a number of ways to add text to the description of operations to facilitate date entry and enhance standardization.
  • A vibrant report feature creates spreadsheet or PDF files for redistribution and reviewing certs.
  • One certificate combined for Liability and Evidence.
  • One certificate combined for Marine and Evidence.
  • Historical certs are easy to search and reprint.
  • There is no need to retain paper copies of certs.
  • Fees can be justified by management reports.

Additional Features

  • Only one template for all types of insurance.
  • Template data is validated when entered to avoid entering text that is not displayed on the certificate.
  • The Description of Operations is separated into text updated on renewal and certholder specific text not updated on renewal.
  • Description of Operation's text create an unlimited number of additional pages.
  • Hosting is provided by us unless the Agent or Broker prefers to host the program.
  • On-site and on-online training are available.
  • It is a functional business Web site without advertising.
  • Every page has its own Help page.
  • Three types of Attachments:
    • Agent and Broker Created
    • Imported PDF files
    • Interactive; primarily ISO and NCCI and by request insurer specific
  • Interactive additional insured and waiver features for Insured created certs.
  • Abstraction of renewal limits from the template or the expiring cert.
  • Encrypted login and data.
  • Branded sites remove our name and logo and replace it with the Agent's or Broker's.
  • Customized certificate forms.
  • Customization (e.g. Owners and Contractors Protective Liability policies).